Dreaming Awake: The Body As Ceremony
to Dec 21

Dreaming Awake: The Body As Ceremony

Dreaming Awake on The Solstice: The Body as Ceremony

Studio 34

4522 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143

A movement meditation and a facilitated, interactive discussion on Afam Nation (African American sovereignty) spiritual technologies for dreaming with landscapes - geographies, emotional, portals. We will combine movement, reiki, body and voice to create tools for dream recall and consensual ancestor communication. During the second day of class, we will reflect on the previous night’s dreamwork and learn methods of divination and dream interpretation. All of this work is in service of our collective intuition, knowing and freedom.

More information about the instructor, TBN , can be found at www.causereign.com.

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Dream Passage: Mid-Atlantic Wellness Tour
to Dec 31

Dream Passage: Mid-Atlantic Wellness Tour

As a collaboration with Afro-Pinup, TBN will travel to the Mid-Atlantic with tour stops in Philadelphia, PA and Montclair, NJ.

Offerings will include Dreaming Awake: The Body as Ceremony. Dream Clinics including some individual and group sessions for clients as they are moving through Seasonal Affective Disorder, Holiday Blues, Holiday Traumaversaries, and general isolation during the holiday season.

We are currently seeking sponsorships to be able to offer services to clients at no cost, especially for Black and other indigenous folks, LGBT folks, and veterans of both physical and spiritual wars. Please contact causereignthedreamworker@gmail.com if you are interested in collaborating on this tour or have a sponsorship lead.

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EQUINOX Dreaming Awake
to Jun 17

EQUINOX Dreaming Awake

Resource for mental health practitioners, spiritual practitioners, holistic practitioners and individuals seeking ancestral wisdom.

Dreaming Awake is a practice of dreamworking as divination, rest, meditation, routine, manifestation, activism, rooted in African spiritual technology. We do it because we are experiencing battle fatigue - needing both rest and strategy to continue the work of our ancestors or to begin something new. In this equinox class we work from a moment of balance - equal parts night and day - covering the following topics over 12 weeks:

  • Planting seeds for dreamworking and plant medicine for dreams.

  • Spiritual hygiene and the impacts on emotional and mental health. 

  • Historical and modern ancestor veneration globally.

  • Dream recall and individual interpretation.

  • Harvesting what you have bloomed through your dreamworking.

The course will include weekly medicinal videos, weekly assignments, an individual dreamworking consultation, 2 group Q&As, one final assignment, a completion certificate, and a further reading syllabus.  Dreamworkers will be learning to dream with their landscapes - emotional, physical, geographic, astrological. This class is open to everyone who identifies as global peacekeeper - working toward abolition of oppressive systems and liberation for all African peoples.

Course Schedule

Week 1: Introduction + Cleanliness as a Rest Practice

Week 2: Hydration

Week 3: Spiritual Hygiene - practices + signs of distress

Week 4: Flow - Seasonal, Astrological, Physical

Week 5: Ancestor Veneration I

Week 6: Ancestor Veneration II

Week 7: Ancestor Veneration III

Week 8: Ancestor Veneration IV

Week 9: Self - Dream Recall + Individual Interpretation

Week 10: Self - Dream Recall + Individual Interpretation

Week 11: Conversation with Elder

Week 12: Reflection + Integration

Click here to register for Spring 2020 Waitlist.

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