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EQUINOX Dreaming Awake

Resource for mental health practitioners, spiritual practitioners, holistic practitioners and individuals seeking ancestral wisdom.

Dreaming Awake is a practice of dreamworking as divination, rest, meditation, routine, manifestation, activism, rooted in African spiritual technology. We do it because we are experiencing battle fatigue - needing both rest and strategy to continue the work of our ancestors or to begin something new. In this equinox class we work from a moment of balance - equal parts night and day - covering the following topics over 12 weeks:

  • Planting seeds for dreamworking and plant medicine for dreams.

  • Spiritual hygiene and the impacts on emotional and mental health. 

  • Historical and modern ancestor veneration globally.

  • Dream recall and individual interpretation.

  • Harvesting what you have bloomed through your dreamworking.

The course will include weekly medicinal videos, weekly assignments, an individual dreamworking consultation, 2 group Q&As, one final assignment, a completion certificate, and a further reading syllabus.  Dreamworkers will be learning to dream with their landscapes - emotional, physical, geographic, astrological. This class is open to everyone who identifies as global peacekeeper - working toward abolition of oppressive systems and liberation for all African peoples.

Course Schedule

Week 1: Introduction + Cleanliness as a Rest Practice

Week 2: Hydration

Week 3: Spiritual Hygiene - practices + signs of distress

Week 4: Flow - Seasonal, Astrological, Physical

Week 5: Ancestor Veneration I

Week 6: Ancestor Veneration II

Week 7: Ancestor Veneration III

Week 8: Ancestor Veneration IV

Week 9: Self - Dream Recall + Individual Interpretation

Week 10: Self - Dream Recall + Individual Interpretation

Week 11: Conversation with Elder

Week 12: Reflection + Integration

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