Dreamworking Ancient Practices and Modern Goal-Setting

Dreamworking is paying attention to your goals, desires, and sensory experience while asleep. In many ancient cultures, such as Kongo and Chichimeca, the dreamworkers or warriors were trained from a young age to be able to receive messages and warnings for their civilizations. Present day we are also trained from birth to receive messages that impact our civilizations in the form of media and advertising.

Cleanliness as a Rest Practice

In Southern Folk Medicine, “cleanliness is next to godliness” is discussed as a tenet of healing. This particular language is corrupted by Victorian era ideals of purity which have and continue to adversely affect the black body and black lives. The roots of cleanliness as a rest practice are an African technology. Why do black folks prioritize spick and span? Why are traditional abuelas always cleaning?

Relaxation as Historical and Afrofuturist Flow

Perpetual exhaustion in late capitalism: we eat fast, consume vast amounts of data, and plead with time to slow down to check off three more tasks before we collapse into bed and fall asleep relaxing to brightness and voices from a screen.

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