about us

Cause Reign is a mandate from my ancestors to build my legacy in supporting peacekeepers and leaders build their health, wealth and their own legacies through dreamwork. TBN is Cause Reign’s Principal Dreamworker.

TBN has lectured and facilitated classes at the following conferences and private events:

  • 191 Toole and Casa Libre in Tucson, AZ

  • Black Farmer and Urban Gardeners Conference in Durham, NC

  • Herbal Hoedown Conference in Lodi, NY

  • Trans Day of Joy Conference Queens, NY

  • Women’s Center for Creative Work in Los Angeles, CA

Classes are offered quarterly with the equinoxes and solstices - contact if you would like to book a class in your area.

“I personally have always had poignant, metaphysical dreams that I now combine with additional research and strategies to sharpen the effects of my dreamwork (easing PTSD symptoms, divination) and the dreamwork of others (visiting other realms, learning dream language).” - TBN

TBN (Tyrell Blache Neyy) is a prophetic dreamworker and descendant of a long line of African priests and Turtle Island medicine people. As a scholarly researcher with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art with an emphasis in Africana Studies and Indigenous Studies, TBN reclaims and continues their family legacy of the science and art of dreaming.

TBN has traveled globally studying with shaman, elders, and healers of the following traditions: African diasporic and Western Herbalism, Conjure, Hoodoo, Rootwork, Southern Folk Medicine, Pachakuti Mesa (Peruvian shamanism), Sonoran desert Curanderismo, Toltec - Chichimeca dreamplanting, and diasporic African, Japanese, and Palestinian energy healing.

TBN is certified in Usui Reiki 1 and 11, a trained herbalist specializing in mental-emotional health and dreams, with ancestral licenses in dreamwork, elemental healing, bone divination and is a gifted seer, future sangoma and future doctor of acupuncture.

TBN has participated in advocacy and organizing work for survivors of domestic violence and abuse. In addition to their work for others, their practice is very personal and has supported them through eighteen months of homelessness. They were nomadically based, living on farms, couchsurfing, camping in wilderness, between upstate NY and the southwest, searching for their indigenous roots and connecting people of color to their ancestors and the land. They are currently based in Honolulu, HI and traveling for research on diasporic African dream practices.