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TBN is offering individual sessions with folks seeking rest, dream interpretation, and the ability to manifest a different reality for themselves. TBN will guide you to better rest, lucid dreaming, and understanding your dream language with personalized recommendations for your dream space, sleep rituals, divination practices, and partnering with your allies in the surrounding landscapes and your ancestral lineage.

A dreamworking session occurs over a one-two week period and consists of the following:

+    15 minute phone consultation

Occurs in waking realm

+    Intake Interview

Occurs in waking realm via google form link

+    Research, Divination and Dreaming Together

        Occurs during waking and dream realm

+    Personal Dream Lesson and Knowledge Exchange

Occurs in waking realm

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The knowledge shared made me happy to realize that there were other people that give respect and value to dreams. Being able to navigate dreamspace, receiving messages from ancestors or guides, opening oneself up to receive these messages, teas and various techniques were touched upon during the class. The experience was eye opening, to be able to share the space with a teacher who had gathered such information was incredible.
— eric